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Ring Die Granulator

Fertilizer Double-die Ring Die Granulator is widely used in the field of poultry and livestock feed pellet making.
Dies of various hole diameters such as 6mm, 8mm, 10mm are available for this machine. Dies of different hole diameters can be customized for customers and customers can choose freely according to different requirements

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This Fertilizer Double-die Ring Die Granulator integrates a three-in-one feeder mixer and a granulator; it also mixes the materials for a second time while evenly feeding. The feeder is equipped with a speed regulator to adjust the feed volume according to the dry humidity of the material during production. , So that the host will not get stuck or do useless work. The main machine integrates ring die and flat die, which is equivalent to the work of two pelletizers.
Fertilizer-making process ring dies granulator is widely used to produce pellets for animals, such as chickens, ducks, pigeons, pigs, horses, cattle sheep, and other poultry and livestock animal.

The pellets by our machine have a firm and smooth structure and are easy to digest. It has the characteristics of low cost, reasonable structure, compact layout, reliable performance, and easy maintenance.
Since now our machines have been exported to Korea, Mexico, Russia, Japan, Thailand, Turkey, Spain, and so on. Biomass Grass Straw Wood Sawdust is one of the key machines in the feed pellet production line. Some customers bought a single machine, and most customers bought a production line to found a feed-making factory.

Dies of various hole diameters such asφ2,φ4,φ6,φ8, and φ10, Its die mold is made of stainless steel or alloy steel for your choice.



Biomass Wood Sawdust Organic Fertilizer Pellet Granulator has excellent technology, and simple operation, and has designed a variety of models with different models. It is an ideal processing machine for fertilizer processing units. Suitable for large and medium-sized feed mills with different outputs.

1. Sawdust Biomass Wood Pellet Granulator machine adopts a system of conversion speed-adjustable feeding and is equipped with a strong safety magnet, overload protector, outboard discharging mechanism, and manual oil pump lubrication system.
2. The main motor drive the ring dies mold rotated. the press roller that was placed inside of the roller does not revolution but will rotate because of the friction of the ring dies mold and sawdust wood powder raw material.
3. Pellet mill with two or three conditioners can be custom-made to produce high-quality poultry, livestock, and aquatic feed.
4. Double-die Ring Die Granulator, adopts the frequency-conversion speed regulating control to guarantee quality pellet feed.
5. Gearbox and driving hole accuracy are guaranteed by specialized casting suppliers and NCC, ensuring maximum energy utilization ratio. The capacity will enhance by 20% more than belt driving.
6. Using high-quality bearing and oil seal in the main drive, and especially lubrication oil return system is available to ensure reliable bearing lubrication
7. Adopt an international advanced pipeline system and inlet pressure regulator.
8.  LL stainless steel conditioner with axial steam spraying extends the conditioning and cooking time.



Grass Sawdust Biomass Wood Pellet Granulator features of compact structure, fine appearance, high capacity, low power consumption, convenient operation, and reliable performance.

1. Chicken poultry feed pellet granulating machine is transported into the modulator through the speed-regulating feeding auger. In order to obtain good granulation efficiency (improving the output and quality), after adding hot steam for conditioning, the material is fed from the chute-shaped feeding pipe and passed through the ring die to cover. With the help of gravity and the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the ring die, the material is tightly attached to the ring die cover and the inner wall of the die (feeding area).
2. Under the action of the feeding knife, the material is fed uniformly and continuously, and the wedge-shaped space (compression area) is formed by each pressing roller and the ring die.
3. Because the gap between the working surface of the outer wall of the press roller and the working surface of the inner diameter of the ring die is only 0.1-0.3mm, and this gap is basically horizontal, a certain extrusion force (extrusion area) is formed.
4. Due to the feeding of the material, under the strong extrusion between the die and the roller, after the material is compacted, it is extruded into the die hole and formed into (forming zone) in the die hole.
The material is continuously fed into the pressing area, extruded into shape, continuously extruded from the die hole, and cut into various required particle lengths by a cutter that can adjust the distance between the knife edge and the outer wall of the ring die.

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Model 250 320 350 400 420 508
Feeder power 0.55kw 0.75kw 1.1kw 1.5kw 1.5kw 2.2kw
Conditioner Power Monolayer Conditioner 1.5kw φ250*1300mm 2.2kw φ280*1600mm 3kw φ350*2000mm 5.5kw φ390*2500mm 5.5kw φ390*2500mm 7.5kw φ460*3000mm
Double layer
1.5kw*2 2.2kw*2 3kw*2 5.5kw*2kw 5.5kw*2kw 7.5kw*2
Inner diameter of ring die 250mm 320mm 350mm 400mm 420mm 508mm
Motor power 15/22KW 37/45kw 55kw 75/90kw 90-110kw 132/160kw
Output 0.5-2t/h 2-5/2-6 t/h 2-7t/h 3-12t/h 3-15t/h 9-15t/h
Dimensions 1700*650*1750 2000*800*1800mm(37kw)
2150*1950*1900mm 2300*2000*2250 2300*2350*220
Weight 940kg 1250kg 2250kg 2900kg 4100kg



1. Permanent magnet device of high performance.
2. The alloy steel die is made by an international advanced German gun drill and the American vacuum furnace has long service life and ensures smoothly pelleting and high quality.
3. High precision driving main gear and pinion shaft adopt the carbonizing quenching and hard tooth surface grinding technology, resulting in smooth driving, low noise, and long service life.
4. The drive part of the machine adopts the high accurate gear drive made in Switzerland and Japan, which has an output of about 20% higher than the belt drive, and the die adopts the quick removing clamps, ensuring high efficiency and steady driving with low noise.
5. If it is used together with an N8 counter flow cooler, 150×2d rotary sifter, and advanced fine teeth crumbler, the pellet feed can reach the highest quality.
6. New style S-shape spring coupling assembly with hub-taper lock bores, and bushing-taper locks, so can be adopted to obtain big offset travel and further smooth running.
7. The international advanced compensation type flexible coupling is of novel and compact structure, safety, low noise, and less trouble.

ring die granulator details

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Before sending the ring die granulator feed machine, we will test and adjust, it so you can use it directly when you get it. Choose the cheapest and safest shipping company to save the cost and track the order until you get the goods.


1. Ring die press granulator will be packed in standard quantities boxes, and the production will have a safe and complete journey from our factory to your place.
2. Packaging details standard export wooden case or in the container.
Strong plywood case as exported standard, if your order is big we suggest shipping by container, we will calculate the total volume of your order and saving shipping cost for you.

By sea, By air; Express (DHL/FedEx; Railway; Highway)
1, we will serve your shipping method for ocean transport, airlift, freight, and so on.
2, The delivery time is usually 7-15 working days upon receipt of your payment.

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Our agriculture farm feed machines adopt a world-famous brand for the key electronic elements, pneumatic and hydraulic system to ensure high quality and reliable of the Agriculture machinery and feed machinery After the unremitting efforts of all staff, we won the approval and trust of the customers with the excellent performance, advanced technology, and good reputation.

Our Main Products: Chaff Cutter Machine, Grass Chopper Machine for Animals Feed, Fodder Kneading Chopper, Animals Feed Mixer Machine, Pellet Machine, Animals Feed Puffing Extruder, Wood Branch Crusher, Paddy/Wheat Harvester, etc.

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Pre-sale Service

1. Offering overall technology and business consultation services;

2. Proposing the most suitable scheme and equipment for our customer;

3. Designing and producing machines according to the special demands of clients;

After-sales Service

1. Carefully checking the machine in every working procedure, quality comes first;

2. Assisting our clients with foundation construction of equipment;

3. Dispatching engineers to install and debug the equipment, training the first-line operators on-site;

4. Regularly visit clients to solve production problems and provide our technical support.

We have more than 15 years of experience, and support your best before and after-sales service. Quality is the first and top Pursuit of our company.

Product list

Forage Cutter +
 – FC-2.5E Mini Type Chaff Cutter
 – FC-2.5D Mini Type Chaff Cutter
 – FC-2.5TC Mini Type Chaff Cutter
 – FC-4C Animal Feed Chopper
 – FC-4D Animal Feed Chopper
 – FC-4TC Animal Feed Chopper
 – FC-6A Multifunction Fodder Chopper
 – FC-6D Multifunction Fodder Chopper
 – FC-6TA Multifunction Fodder Chopper
 – FC-9A Livestock Silage Chopper
 – FC-9TC Livestock Silage Chopper

Feed Chopping Machine +
 – Grain Crop Cereal Grinder
 – Corn Maize Mill Machine
 – Cutting/Kneading/Grinding 3in1 Machine

Feed Mixing Machine +
 – Horizontal Powder Mixer
 – Vertical Poultry Feed Mixer
 – TMR Dairy Feed Crush Mixer

Feed Processing Machine +
 – Flat Die Feed Pellet Mill
 – Floating Sinking Pellet Extruder
 – Ring Die Granulator

More Agriculture Machine +
 – Wood Branch Chipper Machine
 – Compact Wheel Loader
 – Corn Straw Silage Harvester

FAQ & Our service

Are you a manufacturer?
We are a professional OEM manufacturer, have 3000 square meters factory.

1 set, or based on your order, wholesale discount.

220V /380V /415V, 50/60 HZ, 1 or 3 phases, customize the voltage according to your local voltage.

Delivery Time, 7-15 days after getting payment. (Specific time according to order quantity)

When packaged, the main body and parts will be packaged individually depending on the structure of the machine, but it is easy to install.

The quality guarantee term is for one year, with free technical support and spare parts supply.

Payment term?
T/T, Credit card, Western Union, RMB, Alipay, WeChat, Cash, E-checking, MoneyGram, L/C, etc.

How To Order?
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S.2: A quotation for you to confirm the order details;
S.3: You payment after receiving our PI file;
S.4: We deliver goods within stipulated time.

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