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6 Tips to Help You Purchase an Energy-Efficient Forage Shredder 
3 type of forage shredder
Forage Shredder machinery is very convenient for transportation, storage, mixing, granulation, etc.,it is mainly used to crush feed and various roughages. how to select an energy-efficient forage shredder? Look at the 6 tips here.
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Forage Shredder machinery is mainly used to crush feed and various roughages. The purpose of crushing feed is to increase the feed area and adjust the particle size. Increase the surface area, improve palatability, easy to digest, help improve digestibility, and better absorb feed nutrients. At the same time, it is very convenient for transportation, storage, mixing, granulation, etc., and the production efficiency and quality will also be improved.

1. Select Forage Shredder according to production capacity.

The rated production capacity (kg/hour) of the pulverizing equipment has been indicated in the instructions and nameplates of the ordinary pulverizer, but the following points should be noted:

The stated rated production capacity refers to the output in a specific state, such as a grain feed mill, which refers to pulverizing the raw materials into corn powder, the moisture content of which is safe for storage (about 13%), and the sieve aperture is 1.2mm. Since corn kernels are a common grain feed, sieve holes with a diameter of 1.2 mm are generally used. In this case, the production capacity is very small, so production is relatively difficult. The selected crushing capacity should be slightly larger than the actual required production capacity, otherwise, it will increase the excessive loss of the machine such as hammer wear and air leakage, resulting in a decline in production capacity and affecting the continuous production and supply of feed.

straw crusher cut working

2. Select Forage Shredder according to crushing raw materials:

For crushing grain feed, you can choose a hammer mill type Forage Shredder with top feeding; it is mainly used for crushing bran grain feed, beneficiation gear-claw type; if good versatility is required, it is mainly crushing grain, and considering the cake grain and straw, you can choose the inclined feeding hammer mill machine; for shell and other mineral feed, you can choose the shell no-screen type shredder; if it is used as pre-mixed feed, the particle size of the product is very fine and can be adjusted according to to needs, it should be selected Special no-screen type mill machine, etc.

3 type of forage shredder

3. Select the Forage Shredder according to the feeding method:

The Forage Shredder outputs three ways through the discharger of the discharger: self-weight blanking, negative pressure suction, and mechanical conveying. In order to simplify the structure, self-weight blanking is often used for small single units. Most medium-scale forage crop shredders are equipped with a negative pressure absorption device, which has the advantage of absorbing the moisture of the finished product, reducing the humidity in the finished product, which is beneficial to storage, improving the pulverizing efficiency by 10%~15%, and reducing the dust in the pulverizing chamber.

forage shredder03

4. Select the feed machine according to the supporting power:

The operating instructions and nameplate of the equipment shall indicate the power kilowatt of the crushing motor. This usually means not a fixed number, but a range. For example, the 9FQ-20 pulverizer has a power supply of 7.5 kW to 11.0 kW; the 9FQ-60 Feed Crusher has a power supply of 30 to 40 kW. There are two reasons for this: First when the types of crushed raw materials are different, the required power is quite different. For example, under the same working conditions, crushing sorghum is twice as high as crushing corn; The load has a greater impact. Therefore, when the 9FQ-60 type pulverizer adopts a sieve plate with a diameter of 1.2mm, the power of the motor should be 40 kW. To replace the screen with a diameter of 2mm, a 30kw motor can be selected, and a 3mm diameter screen hole is a 22kw motor, otherwise, it will cause a certain degree of loss.

5. According to the energy-saving requirements of the forage shredder machine:

According to the regulations, when the forage shredder machine is crushed on the corn sieve plate, the electricity kw/hour shall not be less than 48 kg. At present, the output per kW/hour of many hammer crushers has greatly exceeded the above standards, and the high-quality crushers have reached 70-75 kg/kilowatt-hour.

1 5mm pore diameter of forage shredder0

6. Select the feed machine according to dust and noise:

The dust and noise of the feed factory mainly come from the forage shredder machine. The selection of these two indicators should be fully considered. When choosing, if the crusher with larger noise and dust is finally selected, noise reduction and dust-proof measures should be taken to improve the working environment, so as to benefit the physical and mental health of the operator.

chaff cutter 4 13

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