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Caution!Ten attention points for straw cutting machine operation
straw cutting machine feeding material
Our many years of experience and technicians have summarized the following ten points for your operate straw cutting machine. reminding everyone to pay attention:1.v-belt. 2.belt sheave 3.motor steering...
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Straw cutting machine is an agriculture mechanized product. If the operation is not careful, it will not only cause damage to the machine but also cause great personal injury and economic loss. Anyang Golden Machinery’s many years of experience and technicians have summarized the following ten points for you today, reminding everyone to pay attention during the operation.

(1) V-belt

Pay attention to the tension of the V-belt of the straw cutting machine. If it is too tight, the machine will be damaged. If the belt is too loose, it will slip. If it is too loose or too tight, it must be readjusted.

(2)Belt sheave

Check whether the various transmission systems such as the belt sheave of the straw cutting machine are in a normal state. If there is an abnormality, it needs to be adjusted to a relatively good state.

straw cutting machine belt sheave 1

(3) Motor steering

Before starting the work, first, confirm whether the rotation of the motor is correct, that is, start the corn straw cutting machine, and observe that if there is no abnormal sound or vibration for 5 to 10 seconds, the work should be continued. Generally, the machine will have a motor turning arrow marked, and it is correct to rotate in the direction of the arrow. If it is found that the motor rotates in the opposite direction, it must be adjusted in time.

(4) Material moisture content

The dryness and wetness of the material are directly related to the output. The less moisture of the straw material, the less output per hour. On the contrary, the output will be greater.

(5) Feeding the appropriate amount at a uniform speed

The feeding of straw during operation should not be interrupted or intermittent and should be fed continuously and evenly. And the amount of feeding people should be moderate, not too much or too little, otherwise, it may affect the working efficiency of the straw cutting machine, and in severe cases, it may block the machine or damage the machine. It is especially emphasized that once a blockage is found during operation, it must be stopped immediately, and the cleaning can only be carried out when the machine does not rotate at all.

straw cutting machine feeding material

(6) Bolt screw roller inspection

In order to ensure that the crop straw cutting machine can always work normally, it is necessary to check the bolts and screws that fasten the roller and the bearing housing at any time and anywhere. Otherwise, tighten it in time. If the machine is abnormal during the inspection, it should be stopped first and then adjusted. The roller and bearing seat bolts are always subject to dynamic loads during machine operation and will be loosened during long-term operation. If they are not checked and corrected in time, serious consequences will occur.

(7) Exposed part inspection

As required, all exposed parts should not be without protective devices. Before each operation, the bolts on the fan, swing rod, bearing seat, and other moving parts should be checked, and there should be no looseness. If it is missing or loose, it should be filled and tightened in time.

(8) Straw cutting machine Troubleshooting

When the machine running, it shall not be maintained in any form or content, and all actions must be carried out after the machine is stopped. It is strictly forbidden to troubleshoot under working conditions. Do not use sticks or utensils to feed people during the working process, and do not force feed when the feeding is blocked. It is necessary to wait until the machine is naturally emptied before feeding people again. If it cannot be emptied naturally, it should wait until the machine is completely stopped before cleaning.

straw cutting machine troubleshooting

(9) Lubrication and maintenance of components

The long-term operation of the machine will cause natural wear, such as the wear of the moving blade, which will affect the threshing quality. In order to prolong the service life of the straw cutter machines and obtain better economic benefits, all worn parts must be lubricated and maintained in a timely and accurate manner.

(10) Machine storage

The working time of the straw cutting machine is not very long, generally concentrated in the autumn harvest season, and most of the rest of the time is idle, so pay attention to the storage of the machine, clean the machine, and prevent moisture, fire, and moisture so that it can be used in the coming year.

straw cutting machine storage

In fact, the above points of attention are all in routine operation. As long as you are more careful and careful when using it, it is a normal operation. Factory consultation hotline +86 13137192823.

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Anyang Golden Machinery mainly specializes in R&D, manufacturing and selling feed processing agricultural machine for various applications.