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Do you have a cattle feed pellet production line for home use?
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Which feed mill should I use to make my own cattle feed? Do you have a pellet production line for home use?
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With the continuous expansion of consumer demand for beef and mutton in recent years, there are more and more cattle and sheep farmers. Many places have also launched regulations to support cattle and sheep breeding. In order to better save the cost of raising cattle and sheep, many farmers will plan to make the feed for cattle and sheep by themselves. So which feed grinder should be equipped with the cattle feed pellet production line?

How to configure the household pellet production line? Let’s explore together:

In general, our traditional cattle feed pellet line is usually equipped with a multi-functional feed grinder. This kind of feed grinder can not only grind the raw materials of concentrate feed but also lightweight raw materials such as forage. This multifunctional feed grinder has its own fan, and the dust removal device is relatively simple. Of course, for the large-capacity cattle feed pellet line, the feed mill can also be equipped with a high-efficiency Feed Hammer Mill. This feed mill has high power, more output per hour and the fineness of material crushing is more uniform. The dust removal of the Feed Hammer Mill is generally equipped with a pulse dust collector. It is more suitable for medium and large cattle farms or feed processing plants.

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If there is a large cattle feed pellet line, there must be a small household cattle feed pellet line. So what are the machines for small household cattle feed pellet production lines?

The simple configuration is the feed crushing machine + mixing machine + elevator + cattle feed pellet machine. This is a manual type for home use, the configuration is relatively simple, and the price is relatively low.

Of course, you can also use a multi-functional feed mill + cyclone dust collector + horizontal feed mixer + feed silo + elevator + cattle feed pellet machine + power distribution cabinet. This configuration is more automated. If cooling packaging is required, counter-flow coolers and automatic packaging equipment need to be added. Regarding the configuration of the cattle feed pellet production line, there are actually many kinds of configurations. We will decide on various plans for the cattle feed pellet unit according to the location of the plant, the floor space, the capital investment, and the required output.

feed extruder principle 01+ltd

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Anyang Golden Machinery mainly specializes in R&D, manufacturing and selling feed processing agricultural machine for various applications.